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TWO MORE NATIONS ADOPTING BITCOIN? (Eruptions Market Report 12-1-23)

After a long and dramatic presidential race, libertarian candidate Javier Milei triumphed in Argentina’s presidential election on Nov. 19.

Milei promises to abolish the country’s central bank, among a slew of other radical policy changes capturing the attention and imagination of the crypto community.

With 99% of the vote counted on Sunday, Nov. 19, Milei was declared the winner. The flamboyant politician secured the favor of 55% of the electorate, with three million more ballots to his name than rival Sergio Massa.

Fernando Nikolić, an Argentine Bitcoin advocate and founder of media analyst firm Bitcoin Perception, told Cointelegraph that Milei “has spoken positively about Bitcoin when asked about it in interviews,” but also pointed out that enthusiasm should be tempered by the fact that “passing any sort of law that is considered ‘Bitcoin-friendly’ is not a part of his official program.”

Nikolić added that as an advocate for free market money, Milei is also unlikely to pass any laws that would harm Bitcoin.

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