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SEC vs ETHEREUM (Eruptions Market Report 4-12-24)

Uniswap Labs said its “ready to fight” after disclosing it received a notice of possible enforcement action from the SEC.

“I’m not surprised. Just annoyed, disappointed, and ready to fight,” the New York-based Uniswap Labs founder Hayden Adams wrote in an April 10 X post, “This fight will take years [and] may go all the way to the Supreme Court.”

Uniswap didn’t share the exact contents of the Wells notice, but in a blog post regarding the notice, it claimed UNI wasn’t a security, and it doesn’t meet the U.S. legal definitions of securities exchange or broker.

An SEC spokesperson told Cointelegraph it doesn’t comment on “the existence or nonexistence of a possible investigation.”

It is YOUR RIGHT to protect your data and to only disclose the information that you deem appropriate. The government does not have any right to your data or information about you.

In light of this action by the SEC against Uniswap, the most popular platform used to trade ERC20 (Ethereum) altcoins, it has become VITAL if you are in the USA to employ a truly private, secure, and anonymous VPN.

I use Mullvad.

Check it out here and protect yourself. It is your right.

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