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Working with DeFi Lava

DeFi Lava makes it safe and easy to invest in Bitcoin and other digital assets.

We deliver to you the best that blockchain has to offer without the acquisition or security risks.

Whether it’s holding Digital Assets securely over longer periods of time with zero performance fees, moving large amounts of capital safely, or taking advantage of market moves and asymmetrical opportunities, DeFi Lava has something to offer everyone when it comes to taking full advantage of the cryptocurrency space.

All that's left is for you to choose...


Store Digital Assets for the long term with zero performance fees using our Apex Security Protocol (maximum liquidity, visibility, and security).

Move large amounts of capital with speed like an institution in order to take full advantage of the movements in the cryptocurrency markets.

Invest with proven professionals and an actively managed portfolio to capitalize on both the short term and long term opportunities.

Just need some help? Consulting rate is $150/hr.

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