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BITCOIN = FASTEST GROWING ETF OF ALL TIME (Eruptions Market Report 3-29-24)

In a recent interview on FOX Business, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink shared his insights on the potential for an Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) amidst regulatory scrutiny.

Despite concerns over a possible designation of Ethereum as a security by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Fink expressed confidence in the feasibility of launching such an ETF.

Despite these challenges, Fink remains optimistic about Ethereum’s and Bitcoin’s long-term prospects. BlackRock is not only pursuing an Ethereum ETF but also operates one of the most successful spot Bitcoin funds, the iShares Bitcoin Fund (IBIT), which has amassed over $17 billion in assets under management since its approval in January.

I told you at the bottom of the bear market ($16k BTC) that next year institutions would be buying Bitcoin.

(Almost) no one listened.

Now Bitcoin ETFs are the fastest growing ETF of all time.

Do you understand what is happening?

Blackrock is buying thousands of BTC PER DAY.

There's barely any Bitcoin on exchanges available for purchase (approx. 2 million coins).

The halving is coming in April (after which half as much new BTC will be mined each day - massive supply cut).

We have the most demand EVER for Bitcoin right now with supply dropping fast.

And now my prediction from a few months ago has come true - Ethereum ETFs are coming.

Will you continue to ignore the greatest financial opportunity in the history of mankind?

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