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BITCOIN BREAKS ALL TIME HIGH PRICE (Eruptions Market Report 3-8-24)

Bitcoin has once again hit a new all-time high, this time tapping $69,255.

But the crypto king still fighting to place resistance at the $69,000 level in the rearview mirror, priced at $68,357 at time of publishing, up 1.6% in the last 24 hours.

Today’s record high comes as new numbers show BlackRock and Fidelity have now purchased at least $12.3 billion in BTC each on behalf of their clients.

And according to the on-chain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence, Wednesday was BlackRock’s biggest day of inflows yet.

In early 2023, I told you to buy Bitcoin at $18k and that soon mass adoption would begin as institutions buy huge amounts.

I handed you an easy 4x on your money to your inbox every week while prices were low.

I'm telling you now that the top is NOT in. We are going higher.

Next phase is price discovery. Institutional FOMO and retail FOMO shall commence.

I'm giving you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of information FOR FREE every single week.

Will you start listening?

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