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$2.2 BILLION FLOWS INTO BITCOIN IN FOUR DAYS (Eruptions Market Report 2-16-24)

Bitcoin ETFs have attracted over $2.2 billion in new inflows over the last four days alone. 

Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have attracted more net inflows in the last four days than in the entire first four weeks of trading. 

According to data from Bitcoin tracking platform Apollo, the 10 spot Bitcoin ETFs have had 43,300 Bitcoin — worth $2.3 billion at current prices — in inflows over the last four days alone.

Comparatively, the funds took 20 days of trading to gather 42,000 in Bitcoin inflows.

Over a year and a half ago, I explained that institutional adoption was coming very soon for Bitcoin, likely through ETFs.

After I was proven correct upon their approval, many believed the ETFs would be a sell the news event, a sentiment with which I clearly expressed disagreement.

So far, I have been proven correct once again. The volume of institutions investing in Bitcoin is only going to GROW from here.

A question I am getting a lot right now is..."Should I invest in the Bitcoin ETF?"

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.When you buy the Bitcoin ETF, you do not actually own any Bitcoin. The financial institution (Blackrock, Fidelity, or whoever) owns the Bitcoin.


YOUR "BITCOIN" CAN BE STOLEN FROM YOU, FROZEN, TRACKED, AND CONTROLLED just like any other investment. This is not what Bitcoin was created for.

If you purchase and secure your BTC properly, you are PROTECTED from confiscation, censorship of transactions, government tracking, and many other advantages uniquely afforded to those who own BTC outright.

Please understand this.

It is so important to see the difference between real Bitcoin and fake ETF Bitcoin.

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