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OVER 130 NATIONS LAUNCHING CBDC (Eruptions Market Report 12-29-23)

Throughout 2023, the showdown between the BRICS alliance and the US dollar dominated headlines. Indeed, the former had set off massive geopolitical implications with its various de-dollarization plans. However, the projects of the BRICS alliance may not be all that the Western-based currency has to fear.

Specifically, research shows that amid BRICS action, 130 nations are moving toward a CBDC, putting the US dollar at risk. Moreover, this development arrives alongside the continued work on a BRICS currency project. Many have pondered whether or not that could also be a digital asset used unilaterally.

I have been warning you since the inception of this newsletter about a year and a half ago.

Every single week, or at the very least once per month.

THE CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) are coming.

The Central Banks want to CONTROL EVERYTHING you do with your money.

Track all your purchases, impose carbon limits on your spending, turn off your money or drain your bank account if you do not comply with certain government mandates, etc.

The ONLY way to protect yourself from this is to take ownership of digital money that you DO HAVE CONTROL over.

The entire financial system WILL be going fully digital in the next 10 years.

There's nothing you can do to stop it.

But you CAN perceive the change early and protect yourself, ensuring that you STAY in control of your finances when the shift happens.

Bitcoin is the ONLY way.

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