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Eruptions Market Report 2-8-23

Updated: Feb 15, 2023


Bitcoin BTC has ranged between $22.6k and $24.3k with a week over week price change of +0.35%.

One of our custom trading indicators, Lava Trends, has just printed a BUY signal for Bitcoin on the weekly chart.


Ethereum looks to have double bottomed on the weekly chart and held the previous all time high of the 2017 bull market as strong support at approx. $1200

We need to break above $2000 to start looking for explosive upwards momentum.

Bank of America concern about debt default.

“We have to be prepared for that, not only in this country but in other countries around the world. You hope it doesn’t happen, but hope is not a strategy — so you prepare for it,” Moynihan told anchor Poppy Harlow on “CNN This Morning,” noting the company is preparing as it would “in a natural disaster.”

The U.S. hit its borrowing limit of around $31.4 trillion in January, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has since been using “extraordinary measures” to help the government pay its bills, a fix expected to last until sometime this summer.

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