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Eruptions Market Report 4-5-23

The burgeoning decentralized cryptocurrency market threatens U.S. national security and needs greater oversight and enforcement against money-laundering, the U.S. Treasury Department said on Thursday. The warning, in a new Treasury report assessing the risk of the so-called DeFi markets, lays the foundation for tougher regulations and punitive action by federal agencies.

This is of course the position that those who control the monetary system are going to take on this issue.

Notice how they specifically said "decentralized" crypto markets, the largest of these by far being Bitcoin BTC.

Bitcoin allows you to make permissionless, borderless, sovereign transactions using an inflation proof currency that is audited every 10 minutes by the most powerful computer network that has ever existed.

This absolutely is a direct threat to the centralized banking industry. It is NOT, however, a threat to US security in ANY WAY.

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