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DeFi Lava - Eruptions Newsletter 10-26-22

Rishi Sunak was newly elected the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and has made it clear that he intends to explore a CBDC as a potential option for the future of British finance.

In this short video he explains.

The uncomfortable truth is that the decision has already been made for some time for Central Banks to begin pushing CBDCs. These digital currencies are NOTHING like Bitcoin. In fact, they are the exact opposite.

While Bitcoin is a decentralized, sovereign, peer-to-peer digital currency that promotes economic freedom, the CBDC is a centralized, controlled, economic surveillance tool.

The CBDC will allow the Central Bank to track all of your spending, take taxes out automatically, turn off or drain your money if you aren't a "good citizen," and generally have complete control over the economic activity of individuals.

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