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Australia Making CBDC Moves (Eruptions Market Report 5-17-23)

Australia has successfully made its first foreign exchange transaction using eAUD as part of a live pilot for the country’s potential central bank digital currency (CBDC).

It comes amid a rising interest from countries around the world to learn about or launch central bank-issued digital currencies.

One of the most crucial reasons to hold Bitcoin will be coming to fruition in the next 5 years.

CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency) are beginning to roll out world wide.

These currencies are the ANTITHESIS of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is decentralized, anonymous, unstoppable, infinitely scarce, the CBDC is centralized, surveilled, and controlled with an infinite supply ready to print with the click of a button.

Imagine the value of money that the individual controls in a world where the governments economically control and spy on everything you do.

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