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Manage Your Own Crypto Experience


Learn the most efficient way for you to take custody of your crypto assets on your journey to financial freedom. Includes set up on one exchange, one wallet, and tutorial walk through on how to perform crypto purchases and transactions using both.



Create a plan and execute over time. We set up your wallet and then meet once per month to assist in acquiring and securely transferring assets into self custody. We are on call during business hours for questions/concerns, and we provide a monthly asset report on your holdings to keep you completely up to date on your investments. Also includes membership in our Private Telegram Community.

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Take YOUR crypto/NFT trading to the next level by joining the

DeFi Lava community. Gain access to the private Telegram Channel and receive important market analysis and news updates, buy/sell alerts on our portfolio, exclusive content, plus message directly on Telegram with your questions/concerns. We will answer within 24 hours. Your crypto consultant/expert on your phone! Just click the button to get started.

Private Community Members save 20% on all services listed above!




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Self Custody Wallet

Set up and Tutorial

   - $250 flat fee


Retainer Plan

   - $120/mo













Join the Private Investors


   - $14.95/mo


















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for free!

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