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Working with DeFi Lava

DeFi Lava fills the need in the cryptocurrency marketplace for professional and custom support for both individuals and businesses looking to get into the cryptocurrency space.


Instead of looking at a fund with minimums of $250k plus fees of 25% or more, take advantage of our expertise with custody of your own assets and ZERO PERFORMANCE FEES. We provide quality market research on everything from Bitcoin to DeFi and NFTs. Create your portfolio and navigate areas of set up and self custody without any beginner mistakes. Plus we even provide valuable, daily market news and analysis through our subscription model.

We do not charge any management fees, there is no lock up period with us. Plus NO PERFORMANCE FEES. We do not provide any custody of your assets. We simply help you get in, understand the space, and support your needs.

Getting Started - Our Model is Simple!


Learn the most efficient way for you to take custody of your crypto assets on your journey to financial freedom. Includes set up on one exchange, one wallet, and tutorial walk through on how to perform crypto purchases and transactions using both.




Have an issue you need to solve related to crypto/NFT investing? Do you want specific information/advice from a market-tested trader you can trust? 

Book a call by email:



Comprehensive, detailed, and personalized walkthrough covering all the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the cryptocurrency and NFT space, customized to attain your goals.

Contact Us Today And Let's Get Started




Create a plan and execute it over time! We are here to help you take full advantage of this space.





Are you a business or individual needing information to help you make the best decisions with your money? DeFi Lava Investor Reports have everything you need to make the most informed decisions with your cryptocurrency and NFT investments.




Take YOUR crypto/NFT trading to the next level by joining the

DeFi Lava community. Gain access to the private Telegram Channel and receive important market analysis and news updates, buy/sell alerts on our portfolio, exclusive content, plus message directly on Telegram with your questions/concerns. We will answer within 24 hours. Your crypto consultant/expert on your phone! Just click the button to get started.

Private Community Members save 20% on all services listed above!



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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Self Custody Wallet

Set up and Tutorial

- $150 special price







Zoom/Phone Consultation

   - $75 per hour



In Person Consultations

   - $125 per hour

   - $250 for 2.5 hours

   - $400 for a half day

   - $800 for a full day



Bundles of Hours

   - 10% off for 10+ hours

   - 20% off for 20+ hours






Custom Cryptocurrency

and NFT Investing Reports

   - $150 per report





Join the Private Investors


   - $14.95/mo
















Get in the game

for free!

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